HKB Treasure Set 7 | Mixed Nuts + Moon Of Emperor + Violet Harmony + Super Yam

 Mixed Nuts 港式金牌伍仁  1 pc
 Moon of Emperor 港式黑麻皇 (单黄)  1 pc
 Violet Harmony 紫芋天仙  1 pc
 Super Yam 芋泥冰烧霸王  1 pc
HKB 4pcs Box 香港香精美包装  1 pc


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Mixed Nuts 港式金牌伍仁  (170g)

The marvelous melange of healthy nuts & seeds makes every mouthful a memorable experience of sweet & crispy nutty excellence. It’s delicious and healthier alternative.


Moon of Emperor 港式黑麻皇单黄  (170g)

Perfectly baked charcoal pastry skin wrapped around black sesame seed paste, filling with a golden salted egg yolk at the center to form an attractive tasty mooncake.


Violet Harmony 紫芋天仙  (170g)

The rich taste of taro with the sweet potato at the center, simply delightful on its own!


Super Yam 芋泥冰烧霸王  (170g)

The sweet taro perfectly balances out the saltiness of the salted egg yolk, inducing a tantalizing explosion of textures and flavors on the palate by this harmonious marriage of an otherwise unexpected sweet-savory combination.

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