HP02 We are Together Premium Set 同舟共济


 Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar 150ml  2 bottles
 Low Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk 港式半糖白莲蓉单黄  1 pcs
 Low Sugar White Lotus 2 Yolks 港式半糖白莲蓉双黄  1 pc
 Pandan Delight 1 Yolk 翡翠奶黄单黄  1 pc
 Violet Harmony 紫芋天仙  1 pc


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Low Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk 港式半糖白莲蓉单黄  (170g)

Low sugar white lotus seed silky paste and savory single egg yolk offers a great taste and serves as a healthier option.


Low Sugar White Lotus 2 Yolks 港式半糖白莲蓉双黄  (170G)

Low sugar white lotus seed silky paste in perfectly baked skin with grainy rich double egg yolks will definitely satisfy your taste buds.


Pandan Delight 1 Yolk 翡翠奶黄单黄  (170G)

Savor the natural fragrance of the pandan lotus seed mooncake with single egg yolk. The melon seeds give this delicious, aromatic mooncake an interesting crunch.


Emperor Golden Pearl 珍珠黑金沙  (170G)

Charcoal pastry skin and white lotus silky paste around with golden salted egg. Rich red bean paste at the center simply make it the best combination.

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