JYNNS American Ginseng Soup

American ginseng protects the cardiovascular system. Taking American ginseng regularly can resist arrhythmia, anti-myocardial ischemia, anti-myocardial oxidation, and strengthen myocardial contractility. Symptoms of patients with coronary heart disease are qi and yin deficiency and shortness of breath.


Ingredients : American Ginseng Slices, Longan Meat, Red Dates, Wolfberry, Polygonatum, Codonopsis, Codonopsis, Poria, Poria

Suggested cooking with ingredients :  Chicken 500-600g, Salt



Cooking steps:

    1. Boil the chicken, then clean it with water
    2. Add water and all the ingredients into a pot, and boil for 1 hour
    3. Add salt to seasoning before serving

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