JYNNS Ten Herbs Soup 85g

Ten Herbs Soup has the effect of warming qi and blood and is very suitable for patients with deficiency of both qi and blood but with yang deficiency.


Benefits : Tonify qi and replenish blood, strengthen immune system

Suitable For : Suitable for restless people, people with poor sleep quality, frightened children, and people with poor appetite

Ingredients : Poria, Huaishan, Lotus Seeds, and BarleyTonify Qi and Replenish Blood, Strengthen Immune System

Suggested cooking with ingredients : Pork Ribs, Barley 15g, Salt



Cooking steps:

    1. Wash and clean all the ingredients
    2. Boil the ribs in boiling water
    3. Put all ingredients in a pot with water, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and cook for another two hours.


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