爱你长“酒” Cherishing Hamper

 Feranttino Red Wine  500ml
 金氏尚品鲍 JYNNS Braised King Top Shell in Abalone Sauce  425g
 金牌御品燕泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝 JYY Grand Royal Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar  3x70ml
 金牌泡参虫草鸡精 JYY Essence Of Chicken With American Ginseng And Cordyceps  4x70ml
 天山雪耳 High Graded Tremella  30g
 普洱茶 Superior Pu Er Tea  2x30g
 金氏桂圆红枣燕窝饮 JYNNS Red Dates Longan Bird Nest Beverage  200ml
 金氏芦荟燕窝饮 JYNNS Aloe Vera Bird Nest Beverage  200ml
 上品贡枣 Graded Dates  80g


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